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Chris Coffin lives with his wife and cat in Charlotte NC, where he established Magnolia Logic, a one-man technology consulting shop.

Previously, Chris spent 10 years at Apple Inc and wore a lot of different hats for the Product Integrity arm of Hardware Engineering, beginning with Software QA for Nike+iPod (remember that?) and most recently as QA Lead for the team responsible for testing the software integration, design, and production of Apple’s own accessories. You know, the EarPods, the AirPods, all of those shiny white chargers, cables, headphones, and dongles, and all the colorful iPhone cases and watch bands.

Chris worked with a lot of wonderful and brilliant people and learned so damn much from them, and now he wants to share the lessons he learned in Cupertino and how they can be applied to your small business, enterprise, or personal life.

2017 - Present
Consultant — Magnolia Logic

Joined the world of independent consulting after moving back to Charlotte in late 2016 and leaving Apple in the spring of 2017.

Magnolia Logic offers technology consulting, design, and training for businesses and individuals: whether you need a personal cloud or new IT infrastructure, or if you're working on something insanely great and need help finishing the sprint to ship, get in touch today.

2013 - 2017
QA Lead, Product Integrity — Apple Inc

Promoted to QA Lead for the Accessories QA team following the launch of the Lightning connector, and helped to represent the team during the Apple New Product Process (ANPP) for all iOS accessories. During this time the team supported the development and release of projects like AirPods, AirPower, and Apple Pencil, as well as Apple’s first iOS accessories to use USB-C, Bluetooth, the Smart Connector, and inductive charging. Was a line-item approver in the OK2SHIP process for projects that shipped in excess of two billion units worldwide.

Joined the Apple Watch program more than a year before its introduction to become the Product Integrity DRI (Directly Responsible Individual) for SQA on all Apple Watch accessories. Worked exhaustively with Hardware/EE, Product Design, CoreOS Software, Thermal Design and Validation, Reliability Engineering, and Program Management to bring up and ship Apple's first inductive charging products, which included work on internal products used by Marketing and Retail for the Apple Watch intro event and retail presence.

Worked with the Made for iPhone (MFi) program to help ship ecosystem modules for sale to third-party partners, which enabled the design, manufacture, and sale of certified MFi accessories using the Lightning connector, Smart Connector, Apple Watch Magnetic Charger, and Bluetooth interfaces.

2009 - 2013
SQA Engineer, Product Integrity — Apple Inc

Joined the Apple Accessories QA team six months before the introduction of the original iPad to help ship the first generation of iPad accessories, which were Apple's first iOS products to implement HDMI/DisplayPort audio and video, USB Host Mode, hall effect sensor + magnet software integration, and accessory pass-through technologies.

Supported the 30-pin to Lightning connector transition from concept phase to postmortem, and successfully led cross-functional validation efforts on a project for the first time with Apple's Lightning to HDMI/VGA adapters. Helped coordinate cross-functional testing and approval of new supply chain vendors and manufacturing sites for the Lightning ecosystem as production increased to meet operational demand.

2008 - 2009
SQA Engineer, iPod — Apple Inc

Joined the iPod Integration Quality team in the summer of 2008 to help test iPod software, was responsible for test planning, testing, and automation on a number of iPod/iPhone accessory projects including the Nike+iPod Sports Kit, the transmitter/receiver technology developed for the iPhone Headset with Remote + Mic, region-specific accessories for international markets, and the iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP).

2009 - 2016
Apple University

Nominated for at least one course every year, including "What Makes Apple, Apple," "Leadership at Apple," "Leadership Palette," and "Communicating at Apple."

2003 - 2005
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Attended, majoring in Political Science and Photography with a minor in Computer Science.

IT Consulting

Whether you want new IT infrastructure or better analytics for your business, a smarter home, or a personal cloud, Magnolia Logic can help you make better decisions with better data.

Understanding Apple

People don't get Apple. Whether you need to as a part of covering the company, investing in it, or just purchasing their products, Chris can help you cut through the noise. Get in touch today about project work or retainer options.

Security Training

Connected life is more difficult than it should be. Make life easier for yourself or your employees with practical security training, tailored to your needs and risks.

Network Design

Poor WiFi performance getting you down? Ready to upgrade the networking hardware for your home or office? Schedule a free consultation or site survey today to get the ball rolling.

Software Development

Need a custom app for your business, production, or your next personal project? Magnolia Logic specializes in software for Apple platforms and the Internet of Things.

3D Printing

Maybe you need a part printed for a repair, maybe it's for a cosplay. FDM printing available in ABS, PLA, Nylon, PETG, ASA, or nGen Colorfabb.


Want a custom website for your business, brand, or project? Whether you need self-hosting or Squarespace, Magnolia Logic is here to help.


Need help preparing and rehearsing for your next presentation for work, school, or your next gig? Stop winging it, schedule a review today.

Customer Support

Keep your hard-earned customers happy. Need a hand providing better customer support for your customers or clients? Magnolia Logic can help.

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Magnolia Logic also offers private technology training for Apple products, retail fixture and lighting design, online presence management, corporate and product photography, custom font design and many other services.

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